In choosing to live at Newman Hall you are making a decision that you value being part of a Catholic community and also that you are hoping to develop every facet of your personality your gifts and talents while a student in a university at Cardiff.

Are the rooms en-suite?

Yes all the rooms at Newman Hall are en-suite

Are meals optional?

Meals are included in the rent at Newman Hall and students are expected to attend unless they have notified the Fathers of a prior engagement. Students may bring their own refreshments to dinner, this may include wine and beer. They will be responsible to cater for themselves for all other meals.

Is there a curfew?

Students are free to come and go as they please although for fire safety purposes it is necessary to let one of the Fathers know if you'll be away for the night

Do I have to be Catholic to live at Newman Hall?

No, we have had plenty of non-Catholics living at Newman Hall since our inception. All we ask is that our residents engage in the common life, sharing meals and contributing their share to ensure smooth running of common areas